Monday, March 27, 2017

DIY Burlesque; How I made my sparkle spangled bodysuit! ✨

I had this idea a few years ago for an act entitled "Franny's panties", a parody of children's show "Franny's feet" (which I will be debuting this Sunday April 2nd at Sinful Sunday's at Cherry Colas). The concept of the act, which I will not elaborate on just yet, requires me to appear completely nude, even without underthings.

  Inspired by costumes worn by figure skaters & gymnasts, I thought the best way to achieve a smooth, seamlessly nude look was to make a body stocking to create the illusion.  I bought a porcelain mesh fabric bodysuit (Info on this at the bottom, you can generally find them at any modern retail store right now). In order to prepare the garment for stage, I removed all visible tags. 

The embellishment on this piece due to it's intended purpose was obviously required to be placed in strategic places. This is the next step I took; put it on. Acknowledge where the most coverage is needed & make markings with a fabric pen or wax pencil.

Perfect! Now you have guidelines to begin sparkling up this bad gal. The glue I use is a fabric embellishment specific type of E6000(info on this also at the bottom) it does take a bit to dry & because the fabric is mesh, the glue will seep right through. While stoning this costume I placed glass candle covers between the fabric so once the glue was dry the stones would just pull off glued to the garment. Like so;

I used peach jelly ab stones to match the porcelain fabric but you can use any type you like!


For this piece I used the 'bunch & fan out' technique a lot of performers use for their costumes. Basically you bunch the rhinestones up in one place & gradually fan them out upwards (or sometimes otherwise depending on the piece). 


(First night out!! Photo by Dylan Weller. Use your discretion, be creative & always sparkle!! XoXo! ✨💖 Bodysuit: $16.99 Glue: "E6000 - Frabri-fuse extreme stretch" $14.99 Rhinestones: 2000 for $0.99, random sellers on

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