Wednesday, March 8, 2017

"Most little birdies will fly away but the Tiki Room birds are here everyday."

It's been just about a week since our last show at the Shameful Tiki Room (at least for now) & it's only now starting to finally set in. It didn't seem real at first, maybe because the show had become such a delightful routine for me. I wasn't quite sure why, or why I didn't seem upset or indifferent about it at all.

 Usually the end is a very terrifying concept, especially in regards to scenarios that bring you joy. Especially for me, along with drastic change, it tends to be one of my biggest fears.  Although for some reason I felt completely natural about South Seas Tease coming to a close, as if it had been part of the plan all along.

 The night sure did go out with a bang, Tanya Cheex, Aviva the Mirage & I gave our all on the Shameful Tiki stage (quite literally), & the crowd was one of the largest & involved audiences we've seen in the short year-ish that our little Monday night bi-weekly (& then weekly!) go-go (& then burlesque!) girly show was running.

  Our intention was to give you an escape & if that's what you got, thank you for sharing it with us!! What did we get from the whole experience? A hell of a lot of fun, laughs, smiles, rum soaked cherries, opportunities, spot-light, a few puffs of exotic fog & a slice of cake! 

 I now know why I wasn't afraid of the end, because the end is just the beginning again! 

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